Bobby Newton, Mr.Togetherness
Bobby Newton is multi-talented..

o He's an accomplished performing artist
o Did some acting in a Civil Rights Play titled "Blood Sweat and Tears Dances on Fire"
o Plays the Alto Saxophone & flute
o Teaches dance and private voice
o Does voice impersonations
o Does a Dance on Fire, The Only Black Man in America that can Sing Country and most
   of all "yodel."
o Does Blues, Rock & Roll, Spirituals, Covers, Jazz, Country, Standards,
o Can play any type of night club
o Performs Top Forty or Covers, Rock & Roll for the dancing crowd, supper club, or just
   for music, entertainment and comedy

Recording artists seeking original materials should contact Mr. Newton as he writes all types of songs.

Bobby is also available to perform Duo's for dinner! Go to Contact page & email Bobby for availability.

On a personal note, Bobby enjoys spending his free time
o fishing and flying
o playing pool - he's a very good tournament pool player who
   - has been featured on TV for the Ball Breakers TV Show
   - specializes in trick shots
   - loves Nine ball and straight pool
   - is compiling a book for pool players, "Chatter Just for Pool Room when you Play
     Another Player."
   - is known as the "Bad Man" and "Safe Master" by his piers.
   - has a couple favorite pool rooms: Buzzy Billards, Allentown, PA and Billard Club,
     West Chester, PA
o and is as an avid Tennis player. His passions allowed him to get to know all the pros.

Checkout Bobby's My Space page,